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Get Einhander, Shooter, Air Combat game for PS console from the official PlayStation® website. Know more about Einhander Game. Sony, please add Einhander to the North American Playstation store for download. This Playstation classic was developed by Square and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in It was added to the Japanese Playstation store for download in June of It is now and Einhander is still not available for. User Info: Battleship_Gray. Battleship_Gray 4 years ago#2. I would be so happy if they gave this to us. Or miraculously made a new one. It couldn't take that much money or resources to make. PSN/XBL: Citizen Soldat.

15 Sep Digital distribution means that we don't always have to wait for physical copies of Japanese imports we want to play. The Japanese PlayStation Network Store is filled with titles that have not yet appeared on the American one. The following is a list of some of our favorite Japan-only PSN games. But first. Einhänder is a scrolling shooter developed by Square for the PlayStation console . It was released in Japan on November 20, and in North America on May 5, It was also re-released for the Japanese PlayStation Network on June 25, The name Einhänder is German and denotes a type of sword that is. Product description. Brand new factory sealed. Review. There's no denying that the space shooter isn't what it used to be. The once-thriving genre, championed by such classics as Gradius and Raiden, has boiled down to more of a nostalgic pastime. People just aren't as jazzed about blowing away hordes of alien space.

28 Nov It also the trademark Taito sound, with some driving synth to give it flair. For lovers of: Chase HQ, Outrun; jpn-psn einhander Einhänder A scrolling shooter by a Final Fantasy creators Squaresoft, Einhänder has the distinction of having a fairly elaborate story, especially for a shooter. It's also gained a. 14 Mar Seriously, what gives? Just as Squeenix rolls out Xenogears today (and I downloaded Vagrant Story yesterday) (AND Parasite Eve gets announced) Where is Einhander on the North American PSN? What reason could there possible be for withholding it from NA gamers? Anyone know anything?. 28 Jun but in Japan only. These are absolute classics (dealing with religion and philosophy in the case of Xenogears). I hope they come our way soon. Can I.


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